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Welcome to H.O.P.E. Bible Institute


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Here is where we will highlight key classes and strengths in our academic program.

We take pride in our strong academic reputation. This page allows us to explain our requirements and classes. We offer a wide range of classes, as well as several areas where students can concentrate their studies.

Areas of Concentration:



The HBI concept revolves around a thirteen week semester. Each course consists of thirteen weeks, with students meeting once a week at the HBI campus. The student will purchase their own course materials from HBI, which include a weekly assignment, reading of Scripture, memorization, and listening to audio cassettes, or reading from printed lectures. The student will be required to meet once a week for review, discussion, and further teaching on the weeks lessons. Students will take their tests for each weekly lesson, and then we will review these tests, grade them in class, and receive intensive teaching along with the weekly lessons and testing.

Classes will be held at the HBI Campus on Monday evenings, from 7-9 p.m, starting April 21st,2003. This once per week concept gives the student the freedom to be responsible to their daily duties in the home, and at work, and at the same time give them the flexibility of receiving the highest quality education at the most affordable prices. Upon completion of each course, the student will be awarded a beautiful certificate of completion, with the students name on it, and suitable for framing. To see the courses available in the Bachelors Program, please go to "Programs" on this website.

Each thirteen week semester consists of two courses of study, and will be taught on Monday nights from 6:30-9:30 p.m for the Bachelors Degree Program, and on Thursday nights from 6:30-9:30 p.m. for the Messianic Studies Certificate program. Students should be on time and ready to start the lessons promptly. Classes that fall on National holidays will be rescheduled.

We are dedicated to teaching a Student as much as possible during each class. Our classrooms are an open and friendly setting that allow students to contribute.